Untitled, caulk, oil, spray paint on upholstery fabric, 2014
Untitled, oil and acrylic on cardboard box with vase and fake flowers, fake watermelon, fake large candle, brick and tubes 2014
Untitled, caulk, spray paint, and oil on plastic lawn Santa, 2014
Untitled, oil, fabric, and caulk on linen, 2014
Untitled, plaster and caulk on paster and string, 2014
Untitled, caulk and acrylic on iMac, 2014
Untitled, paster, caulk and spray paint on canvas, 2014. For Lala. 
M. Luther, acrylic, caulk and oil on canvas, 2014
Gustonewski, acrylic and caulk on fabric, 2014
Untitled, oil and acrylic on leather, 2014
Hermaphroditus, oil, acrylic and spray paint on linen, 2014
Untitled, oil on linen with plastic jack-o-lanterns and fake flowers, 2014
Chair On Bag On Wall, sponge, rag, plaster, and brush in plastic bag with acrylic and highlighter, 2014
Hair and Fruit, oil on canvas, fake fruit on fake hair, 2014